Hayfever and Rhinitis Clinic of Ireland

70% less Hayfever symptoms:

• Nasal Congestion

• Post-Nasal Drip

• Runny Nose

• Fatigue

• Sleep Disorders from Rhinitis

In 2009, Patrick was the practitioner for the first clinical trial in the world investigating the link between rhinitis/hay fever and chronic overbreathing. This study was conducted under Professor John Fenton, ENT surgeon, at Limerick Regional hospital. The results of the trial demonstrated a 70% reduction of such symptoms as nasal stuffiness, poor sense of smell, snoring, trouble breathing through the nose, trouble sleeping, and reliance on breathing through the mouth, Read the study here

Are you sick and tired of your pollen allergy rearing its ugly head year after year? Fed up of all of the sneezing and rubbing your eyes? Hayfever does not have to interrupt your life every time the pollen count rises. Hayfever.ie provide books and courses throughout Ireland to enable all adults and children over five years of age with hayfever/rhinitis to to avail of our natural hayfever treatment to alleviate symptoms of Hayfever.

We teach the Buteyko Breathing Method and lifestyle guidance to deal with the root cause of hay fever and rhinitis. By showing you what is causing your symptoms, you are able to deal with your condition and therefore do not have to rely on nasal medication or other treatments. Furthermore, our instruction as based on over fifty years of use by hundreds of thousands of people has no documented side effects. For more information on the Buteyko Method, please visit ButeykoClinic.com.

Hayfever.ie and Asthmacare.ie was founded by Patrick McKeown. Patrick suffered from chronic asthma, rhinitis, snoring and fatigue for over twenty years until he learned the Buteyko Method. Through his discovery he found the immense benefits available to those who practice Buteyko and made a decision to make a career out of sharing this knowledge. In 2002, he was accredited as a Buteyko practitioner by the late Dr Konstantin Buteyko and is the only practitioner in Ireland accredited by Dr. Buteyko.

In addition, Patrick has completed extensive research in diet, physical exercise and correct sleeping. His books include Close Your Mouth which is especially tailored to reversing asthma and rhinitis. Thousands have attended Patrick’s natural remedy courses for rhinitis, asthma and snoring over the past 10 years.