Results To Expect

Clinical Trail

"In our association during the past 3-4 years on a purely anecdotal basis, I can say that the vast majority of all of my patients have received great benefit from their nasal symptoms following instruction at Patrick McKeown's workshops.”
Professor John Fenton, ENT Consultant, Limerick Regional Hospital

A collaboration on a clinical trial of the Buteyko Method for rhinitis headed by Professor John Fenton of Limerick Regional Hospital ENT was carried out in 2010. As published by the Clinical Otolaryngology journal, the results of the trial demonstrated a 70% reduction of such symptoms as nasal stuffiness, poor sense of smell, snoring, trouble breathing through the nose, trouble sleeping, and reliance on breathing through the mouth.

Results After First Night Of Breathing Course

At the end of the first day of our course, your blocked nose which is the most common symptom of hayfever will be more free than it has been for years.

Results Within Two Weeks

Within two weeks of your natural hayfever treatment, you will experience a minimum reduction of reversible nasal obstruction, puffy eyes and sneezing by 60%. By this time, you will also be able to permanently breathe through your nose.

In addition, associated symptoms from overbreathing such as fatigue, disrupted sleep, anxiety, racing mind, asthma, snoring and poor concentration will be greatly reduced. Hayfever is not just about having a blocked nose and puffy eyes. Sufferers can have a range of symptoms which are often not linked to their blocked and runny nose mainly mood swings and fatigue.

You will be free from rhinitis when you are able to comfortably hold your breath on the out breath for at least thirty seconds. This measurement is called the control pause and was developed by the Late Prof Buteyko. Learning how to measure and improve your control pause is a key component of our natural hayfever remedy.